Saturday, 3 April 2010

First sail of the season

8 nautical miles
OK, so we can only take it so long, we need to get out and sail. (see King Malu blog). When we got to the club there was nobody there. How come on a glorious sailing day was nobody sailing... except us?

Today we put Galini back in the water and took her out for a sail. It was Bft 2 south easterly most of the day and glorious sailing waather. So we tacked down towards the marina, and checked the engine was still working (it was, but the throttle kept slipping, must be grease somewhere it shouldn't be).

We headed towards the visitor berths at the marina and contemplated dropping the main sail, flaking it and motoring in to look at King Malu from the water, however the thought of flaking the sail and then raising it again was too much so we turned and headed for the club.

We had a nice downwind run with the sails goose winged, then a broad reach and another run. All in all a great little sail.

Oh... and the new sail cover for my genoa looks great too.