Saturday, 26 June 2010

Chris, Daniel & Becky

8 nautical miles
I wasn't feeling too good (for me to miss a sail it means I really wasn't feeling too good) so Chris took Becky and Daniel out in Galini. In the process he demonstrated the difference between end sheeting and centre sheeting... in that the centre sheeting block fell off!

Galini really needs some maintenance, she is looking slightly sad, but until King Malu is ready to sail, the yacht takes precedence!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Sailing with Chris - 25 June

6 nautical miles
The week had been really windy and today was the first day with lower winds. Chris had burnt his knees quite a lot on the long sail on Monday (and his ankles as he forgot to suncream them when he took his socks off) so having a few days without sailing was kind of OK. 

Today we went out for a short trip round the bay, but as Chris reminded me my 'short trip round the bay' is longer than he normally sails in Sutton Park at his sailing club!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Trip to Potomas with Chris

31 nautical miles

My friend Chris from the UK came out to sail on King Malu, however avid readers of the King Malu blog will know we are still waiting for the new electric drive.

Hence...  we took out Galini.

Actually the Wayfarer is a nice boat for day sailing and we sailed all the way to Potomas and back.

We went up the Potomas creek and sat under the shade of a tree to eat our lunch. Sadly even that break from the sun was not enough for Chris' legs and ankles, which are somewhat sunburnt.

There was only one thing missing from lunch... a really nice coffee. We had forgotten to take any money and so despite the fact we were sitting beside a cafe, we couldn't avail ourselves.

On the way back Chris remarked 'You know when we get back we will have done the equivalent of a channel crossing'.

Looking at the GPS I realised that in fact we had already done the equivalent of a Dover to Calais crossing as we had, by that point, sailed more than 22 nautical miles.

The interesting thing is that sea miles in a Wayfarer don't count towards sea miles for you RYA certification. So... if a Wayfarer sails across the channel as part of a flotilla of yachts, the yachts can count the miles, but the Wayfarer cannot.

One of the hazards of Potomas is the fish farm just outside the creek.

Not very obvious - there are buoys visible from one side but not the other.

All in all a very good day's sailing.

When we got home we told Sue about the lack of money for the coffee and she said 'What about your emergency money?' and then retrieved more than five euros which would have provided us with coffee!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sailing - 20 June

4 nautical miles
This sail was really just to check out Galini before Chris arrives tomorrow.