Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mast pin and anchor drum

Winter repairs should be considerably less than last year - there are three agenda items [apart from an extra coat on the seats] - firstly fix the mast pin and sort out the anchor warp, secondly sort out the launching trolley and thirdly see if I can get a spinnaker working.

The previous owner had put an aluminium sheave on a bolt as a mast pin. The aluminium was wearing badly. Alongside this, the anchor warp was difficult to handle.

So... my intention was to make a new mast pin and extend it to take a drum for the anchor warp.

A friend of mine, Ken, is a great mechanical [and other] engineer. He managed to get a new pin made out of stainless steel. The diameter of the mast pin is smaller than the extension for the drum. It was turned down to be the right diameter. There are then all the obligatory washers etc to pack the mast and space the drum away from the mast.

The drum, which is plastic sits on the extended mast pin. There are nylon bushes to stop it wearing and a piece of floor tread aluminium to strengthen the drum to take a winding handle [which has not been made yet].

This looks fabulous. I am really thankful to Ken for this. It's wildly better than I could have made myself.

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