Sunday, 9 August 2009

Post mortem

Chatted with the skipper of the Dhekelia rescue boat that came out to right my boat and found that with a fresh crew they attempted and failed three times to right the boat and eventually towed it to the shore capsized, so it would have been highly unlikely that we could have righted the boat in that sea state. He therefore felt I had made the right call.

Sadly the camera has been lost, as has been my hand bearing compass. One of the cleats for the genoa is also lost [that is strange, they are almost impossible to move] and the bow plate broken so the standing rigging is no longer secured.

Other than that the boat is in pretty good shape.


Anonymous said...

Any pictures of the mishap? Thanks for sharing, because that is how we learn.

Richard said...

When my crew member needed the bucket, we were hove-to and so untied my waterproof camera and hand bearing compass [which normally live in the bocket, tied to it]. None of my crew could do knots, so when he had finished the camera and compass were not re-attached to the bucket. Now both are at the bottom of Larnaca bay! I learnt my lesson on that - replacing those were the most expensive part of what happened!