Thursday, 17 December 2009

High wind (again)

Last night there was another time very high wind and high waves. It wasn't a tornado like the time my Mirror was wrecked, but did more damage to boats in the club than before.

This was the sight that met our eyes as we, that is Tim and I, when we arrived at the club this morning. That's Tim's trimaran on it's side there.

Here's what it looked like from the other side. The catamaran in the foreground normally lives with its mast up in the far right corner of the photograph, about 20 metres away.

Tim came down late last night so had seen the wreck. At that time the waves were piling up into the club itself, coming right through the wire fencing. It's probably the waves that  pushed his boat backwards as it floats in almost no water.

Then when the wind took the catamaran in the far corner off its trolley and blew it half way across the club, where it likely as not knocked Tim's on its side and demasted Blue and Baby Blue.

Here you can see the boats back in their correct places, with Blue and Baby Blue looking sad with their broken masts.

Some of the boats were stacked up on top of each other - like this 470.

A number of club members were there to help move them around. From Tim's description I expected worse than the actual sight I saw.

Here's what happened to Galini. She was knocked sideways - maybe the wind. I am not sure.

When we moved her everyone thought she must be full of water as she is so heavy, but I suspect it was her weight that protected her.

By the time we had moved everything round and put the boats upright again, Galini looked fine. Even the genoa looked undamaged.

I will need to bring the keys and take off the cover and see what is inside.

The club was looking more like a club again... for the two boats looking sad and longing for some TLC.

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Chris M. said...

Glad it wasn't worse.