Sunday, 8 September 2013

2 days closer... to re-launching

Well, Galini is looking more like a sailing boat again. We spent the weekend painting the floorboards (2 more coats of paint left to do)... Putting Hammerite on the strengthening bars for the launching trolley... finishing sanding the seats (varnishing to be done this week)... attaching the name sign and number sign... bilge painting... attaching new standing rigging (which took a lot longer than expected)...

Tomorrow the new genoa should arrive. There is loads of little detail things to do, like fixing the handles in place, attachments for the bridle, guides for the roller furling... but with a little bit of luck should be finished by next weekend!

Some people came to ask how we had got such a nice finish on the hull. Answer - loads and loads of preparation before painting. Others asked if we were going to sell her now. Answer - very unlikely, we want to sail her, not sell her. But everything has it's price. I was offered and refused £2,500 in the UK a couple of years ago, so highly unlikely anyone would offer enough to make worthwhile. Still more people said they look forward to seeing her on the water. So do we!  


Unknown said...

i would like to ask you some informations about the wayfarer in general. I am interested in buying a used one, here in cyprus, or bring one from the UK.
Can i contact you in private? I cant find a "contact" link in your blog or ur email address.
Thank you

Richard Fairhead said...

Vassilis, you can contact me through our marine website