Sunday, 15 September 2013

New cover

We replaced all the wood on the cover for the wayfarer today... Well we'd painted them beforehand, this was fixing to the frame.


Lesley said...

Hi Richard, I was just reading your blog and love the colour of your dinghy. We are just about to paint our boat and would like to do it the same colour. We are located in Spain and have been told that the colour could get very hot and perhaps we should go for something lighter. Have you had any problems with the deck getting very hot?

Richard Fairhead said...

Lesley, the original colour was very slightly lighter than that, but probably faded. The marine paint we bought in the UK (because we didn't want to use Awlgrip, which we use on our yacht, since it's too expensive and all the other paints available in Cyprus aren't that good).

We used International Toplac - Bondi Blue (YKU898) with a International Prekote Blue/Grey undercoat and anti-slip additive on the deck areas. The original was probably close to Squall blue (YKA923).

It doesn't seem much hotter than it used to be, but looks a whole lot smarter. I wouldn't use such a dark colour on a yacht deck - we used Awlgrip white and light grey on King Malu. For a good finish watch out for humidity and flies: