Saturday, 15 March 2008

15 March 2008

5 nautical miles

This time my crew is my older son Daniel - Daniel was a senior lifeboat cox on a big ship so he knows and loves boats like I do.

OK, I can't resist it - the photo is too good - here is Daniel coxing the lifeboat!

Daniel has been busy making many wippings and helping with the maintenance.

I had hoped he would come back later in the year, but I really appreciated all his help with the boat.

Actually I'm not sure I would have finally got everything ready in time for Green Monday if Daniel had not been back to help. So I am very grateful for his help and his expertise.

Looking up we can see how much better the sail sets than last year. No more back-winding on the main like last season. We'll take the sail home and clean it so it looks even more 'Bristol fashion'.

If you look carefully at the photo you will see at the top of the mast a new Secumar masthead buoyancy unit. Seems to make no difference to the way she sails, but gives us confidence she is less likely to turn turtle like Blue did last season.

The main sheet and rudder are much more responsive. She is much more enjoyable to sail. The rudder is lighter and with the sails set correctly she sails herself - no more weather helm problems.

We hear an announcement on channel 16 for a weather forecast on channel 67. But I have locked the radio so it doesn't get knocked to a wrong channel accidentally (we use channel 10 for normal sailing communication and monitor channel 16).

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