Friday, 28 March 2008

28 March 2008

13 nautical miles

Tuesday was a public holiday in Cyprus, but I was working so took Friday off instead.

Daniel and I sailed off from the club at about 10:00 - nobody about at all. Daniel was helming this time.

As we past a small tanker unloading fuel, we saw a couple of 'deckies' leaning over the rail. Daniel remarked that had been him in the past - looking out at sailing boats passing and wishing he were in one of them!

We stay well clear - their mooring lines are big and heavy and they are flying a red danger flag to warn other boats they are handling dangerous fuels. But there is no fast deploy lifeboat, so I would guess they have heavy fuel on board, not something highly volatile.

We sailed round the port and marina arriving at the end of Finikoudes by the old fort by about 12:30 where we stopped for lunch. We were cold so ate in the lea of the water sports centre. No water sports this early in the season.

Then after a quick lunch we sailed off for a while. We were picking Neil up at that same location at about 14:00. This time I was helming and forgot to check the kicking strap. We flew off the beach with the sail billowing and developing lots of power. So stopped and sorted out the kicking strap and then went down to look at the airport.

Sailed back with the wind, really gentle and then picked up Neil at about 14:00 and sailed back to the club. Arrived there about 16:00. A total of 13.5 nautical miles.

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