Saturday, 21 June 2008

21 June 2008 - learning about the traveller

8.7 nautical miles
We have friends staying downstairs in our guest flat so I took them out sailing today. Paula as off doing something else so Neil took two of them in Blue and I took 3 of them in Galini... that is we each had one adult and I had two children and Neil one.

The forecast said the wind would kick up pretty high by lunchtime, but in fact it stayed low and so for new people sailing the conditions were ideal. We had a really gentle sail around the bay and then in for lunch. After lunch [cyan track on the image] I took Galini out single handed and did way better than last time when I felt somewhat over-stretched.

One thing I tried today was to pull the traveler over to the windward side of the boat and then bring the main sheet in till the boom was running along the centre line of the boat. The leech seemed to run straighter this way [which is what Christos was concerned about last week for himself] and Neil said I was pointing about 5 degrees closer to the wind than he could...

However... in the afternoon trying to change traveler position and genoa sheet at same time while tacking and sailing single handed proved to be a bit of a feat!

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