Sunday, 15 June 2008


Yesterday, Nickos was asking about how to enter waypoints into his Magellan GPS. I checked with my Garmin and found it worked similar. So he asked me to help today with setting the positions. We had people for lunch, so I couldn't come down and race, but decided to print out the Portsmouth Yardstick info and also help Nickos with the setting of the buoys.

Almost no wind - sunbathing on a sailboat weather! I did spend some time talking with Nickos about the GPS and the Portsmouth Yardstick, but since there was so little wind almost nobody had turned up to sail. Neil and Paula eventually came down and because of the light winds James asked to take out a Laser 4.7, which is the next step up from the Optimist.

We then talked about radio channels for tomorrow. Nickos thought it would be 21 and 72. Strange 21 is duplex and needs to work a land station to work, so he is sure it will be 72 in that case. So I set our radios to 72 in preparation. Tomorrow is the main regatta of the year.

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