Sunday, 19 October 2008

18 October 2008 - Divers hazard

17 nautical miles
My Crew today was Peter. He's apparently pretty cool sail boarder, has swum the English channel and normally prefers catamarans. But we had a really great sail, despite the fact the wind was extremely light.

I've moved the bridle for the mainsheet back and that was certainly a better place for it.

We sailed to a different part of the coast on the north side of Larnaca bay today. It was interesting to find out exactly where Romanzas is [labelled the Fishing Harbour waypoint on the Google Earth map].

One hazard I had not seen before was free swimming divers. Well, actually they seem to have had motorized swimmers, but what I mean is that there were not boats around to give warning. They did have little tiny flags and floats that they towed, but they were very small and I am not sure how easily a power boat going at speed would have seen them.

There were three of them all together, but had there only been one I am not sure how easily I would have noticed them.

Neil and Paula kept company with Blue. At times the wind was so light we used the motor. At one stage we even furled the main sail - it was good having the topping lift as this made it easier.

All in all a very enjoyable sail.

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