Sunday, 5 October 2008

5 October 2008 - the skipper is still the skipper!

9.7 nautical miles
Had a wonderful 11 nautical mile sail with Tim today. Tim was helming almost all of it. It was gentle breeze [Bft 2] and nice to sit there, enjoy the sea and occasionally sort out the genoa halyard or the whisker pole.

When we came in to the club Tim called for a small amount of centreboard to help with the final turn into the wind. Which I duly provided... then leapt out of the boat to hold her.

The club were off racing today in Limassol so we used my 4-wheel drive to pull her in. Half way up the slip ramp I noticed... the centreboard was still down and was now beautifully planed flat on the bottom and gouged into the axle on the other side.

So... as skipper I should have gone through my normal checklist coming into shore and then bringing her up the ramp. One part of that checklist is... 'centreboard up and cleated'. So whoever is helming... the skipper is still the skipper and responsible for all checks etc. Oh well... we live and learn.

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