Sunday, 16 November 2008

16 November 2008 - Short Sunday Sail

14 Nautical Miles [approx]

Raed couldn't find the GPS so I assumed that we had left it behind... we found it after lunch! The cyan AM track is through Dead Reckoning and the afternoon Yello track from the GPS.

The morning sail was very quiet - not the predicted Bft 2/3, but more like Bft 1/2. Finding fickle wind when there is almost none is pretty difficult. It was a nice gentle sail.

After lunch we helped Tim do some work on his trimaran - he was replacing the furling jib with a wire so that the jib [which is not UV proof] will not get damaged staying up all the time... the jib will be hoisted when he needs it.

After that we went out for a quick sail as the wind had come up. Still not very much but more than the morning - at least Raed was hiking out which is his preferred sailing position, though likes it even more when the waves are splashing over him too!

As we were coming back there were a couple of lasers and an optimist out sailing too. So... because the sky was picturesque we took pictures. The two lasers sailing together looks really nice. The optimist picture is still good, but somehow doesn't have the poignancy of the lasers.

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