Saturday, 8 November 2008

8 November 2008 - Day Skipper Theory - Day 1

I started the Day Skipper Theory Course today [5 Saturdays] with True North Yachting, which meant I couldn't go sailing today. I had hoped to get out sailing tomorrow, but don't have any crew.

The course is good - Andreas is pretty experienced and explains well. I had been worried that I didn't have enough experience for this course, but that is not so. Some of what we covered today I knew already - like most of the rope-work I had known since I was a teenager, some 35+ years!

But some was new and very useful for filling in holes in my knowledge. One of the topics today was especially interesting - that of anchoring. For instance... what to do when wind and waves are not coming from the same direction... the rule that he who arrives last gives way to those who anchored earlier regardless of the sanity of doing so... if you have to drop your anchor, leave a fender on the line and come back for it later.

And what has become my 'tip of the week' on anchoring... if you really want to make an anchor hold [because of strong winds], shackle your secondary anchor about 10 metres after the main on your anchor chain. That is such a good idea and so simple.

I'm really looking forward to this course and doing the practical course after it in January.


Snowman said...
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Sophocles said...

Nice blog! I hope the course continues to be productive! Thanks for the help on the knots!!!