Thursday, 2 July 2009

2 July 09 - New rig on the trimaran

Afternoon sail with Tim in his trimaran. We're testing the new rig [tightened] and his repair to the sail [better than the sailmaker]. The boat sails very much better despite light winds, more responsive and faster.

I also suggested a downhaul on the sail to the boom rather than just outhaul. Its loose footed. I cut some of the rope from the outhaul and use that. I stood up to fix it and the boom swings.... with me hanging on... landing on one of the pontoons!

Yes, she sails better still with the sail better shaped. The only problem being the downhaul doesn't run along the boom. Tim suggests the balls used for rope ties... later Neil suggests just small bits of plastic tubing to make it run easier.

Tim's off to UK on Saturday for two weeks and he suggested we plan a mini-cruise for when he comes back. Two days, about 30 nautical miles per day. There are two options - east to Fireman's Bay or west to Limassol. East looks better as there are many bolt holes [bays] to run into if we don't make it or weather not good enough. Only plus to going west would be the look on Andreas [True North Yachting] face coming into the marina in a 16 foot dinghy sailed from Larnaca!

So, we need to order the charts for this - its a bit more than I would like to do on ready reckoning, but should be great fun.

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