Sunday, 5 July 2009

5 July 09 - first sail for the real 'baby blue'

3 nautical miles
I came down to the club this morning to take Kiriakos out for a sail. He motors her first around the bay just to get a feel. We then rig the sails and I go out with him and Demetris [his son]. Demetris is silent but grinning ear to ear... happy as could be. This will be father and son time in the future I think.

As we are sailing the wind gets up a little... no, the wind picks up a lot. But the boat feels safe and sails well. We head back to the shore to wait for Kiriakos wife and other kids to come and admire their new family member.

I had been hoping to do a first sailing lesson for a couple of the kids in the afternoon. But as you can see from the chart its now Bft 6 gusting 8+. Not first lesson wind and not even wind I would sail in with light or inexperienced crew.

So I have lunch and watch the daughter of one of the club members keep going to Nikkos... 'Ella, Ella' she calls and drags him off to put her on the club safety boat.

We start them young at our club!

Eventually time to head home.

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