Sunday, 18 May 2008

17 May 2008 - towards Dheklia Sailing Club

12.5 nautical miles
Took Matt and Joe out today. Morning [cyan track] was very gentle winds. Went back and forth taking photos of Blue. The sailed off down the bay... we got to within 1 nautical mile of Dhekelia sailing club, but there were no dingies out today. Let Matt and Joe have a go sailing her. Sailed past a couple of yachts. First one was smallish and gorgeous, second [which we got very close to and I took over helm for that reason] was large and fabulous.

Then went in for lunch and helped Neil and Paula put Blue on her side so they could do some gellcoat repairs to the centreboard case.

After lunch [yellow track] we chased the lasers around a little then went in to help Neil and Paul put Blue back in the water and take Matt back to the theatre for a show he was running.

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