Thursday, 29 May 2008

29 May 2008 - beautiful evening sail

9 nautical miles

Evening sail... starting at about 4:30pm till the wind dropped. Sailing with Neil and Paula and James was my crew. You can just see his head poking up over the fore deck. The wind was kind of strange in some ways, but the surfing was great.

When I got out on water and suddenly realised that the rear buoyancy tank was not secured. Must remember this in the future.

Also I found a twist in the main sheet. This was strange. I had noticed this with Daniel and we re-threaded it. Then suddenly realised that the block on the end of the boom is not secured and can twist round the boom and so that is why it happens. When it happens the main sheet doesn't run as freely as it should.

Tried goose-winging with the whisker pole, since the wind was still up but the waves dropping. Worked well except there wasn't really a place to secure the foot of the whisker pole. Ended up clipping it into a loop from the masthead buoyancy halyard. Now sometime I must try a spinnaker...

It was a lovely, gentle and very enjoyable sail this evening.

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