Saturday, 31 May 2008

31 May 2008 - racing 470's... they win!

7 nautical miles
Afternoon sail with Raed as crew. We went round the buoys a few times and chased the other boats. When sailing alongside the 470 we were neck and neck... till they started trapezing and then it was like they switched on afterburner! Gybed around one of the buoys and got a 'Bravo' from Nicos [sailing instructor].

Then sailed out with the trimaran from the club. I thought multi-hull boats were supposed to be fast, but we were much faster... I did everything I could think of to de-power the boat - let the mainsheet traveller out, flattened the main sail with the outhaul, spilled wind... but we were still faster. Eventually chatted with Tim [skipper of the trimaran] when we got back and he said it was slow. However, he is interested in cruising so maybe some longer trips in the future.

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