Saturday, 5 July 2008

5 July 2008 - new place in the club

9.5 nautical miles
Final sail with Matt today before he returns to the UK. It started gentle and I let Matt sail her, but then got a bit more blustery and I took over the helm. Nice sail.

And... Nicos said they are rearranging the boats on the hard and so instead of a long haul across the stones/pebbles which is a pain with a relatively heavy boat, we are now at the edge of the tarmac and from there straight to the slipway! Oh, so nice!

Christos has found the club racing 470 and was busy working out how to rig her. I looked at how they rig the spinnaker and found what looks like the best sort of turning blocks for the spinnaker guys at the stern [Harken 2026]. They use ratchet blocks for controlling the guys, which seems like expensive, so I am not sure I will do that though.

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