Sunday, 6 July 2008

New boat at the club

A new boat has arrived at the club - a Conger dinghy - a 'conger segelboot' in German. And a strong class like the Wayfarer with a class association.

She will live next to Galini, my Wayfarer and is an interesting German dinghy. I don't have pictures of her sailing, but the one on the left is from Wikipedia. [The one at the club has a brown or orange coloured hull.]

She's an interesting boat, approximately the same size as the Wayfarer, but with a cuddy for two people to sleep in - but only sleep... no other amenities! She hasn't been sailed for a few years so suffers from all the lack of TLC that Galini suffered from before I acquired her.

Her owner, Chris, is from Limassol, but hopefully we will see him most weekends of the season sailing here.

High tension at the club today - one of the Lasers nearly sank! Somehow the bung for the buoyancy was removed/left out and the boat was getting lower and lower in the water, while one of the club members was sailing her. Fortunately they came into the land before she totally sank!

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