Saturday, 16 August 2008

16 Aug 2008 - Power boat 'sail' round Cape Pila

Well, I was going out if I could find a crew. Yesterday I phoned Tim about a sailmaker in Cyprus that he needed. He said he would come if his back was up to it. He had been out on a trapeze earlier in the week on a Hobie cat and had problems as a result.

But... his back wasn't up to it. So I went out with Sheila in her 18 foot motor boat... plus a couple of her friends. She is new member at the club and I have been helping her in and out the water with her boat. An 18 foot motor boat is pretty heavy.

The wind/waves were force 2/3 when we left and force 3/4 when we came back. We originally stopped for swim/lunch in Potomas bay, but the chop was making one of the crew feel sick so we went into Potomas fishing village to have more peaceful lunch.

Motoring back, the waves were approx 1 to 1.5 meters at their highest, which was pretty wet if taken straight on so Sheila went at an angle to the waves - hence the rather indirect route back. Actually I think a motor boat can be a lot wetter than a sailboat as she seems to push through the water faster rather than sail over it.

I was keen to go as I had sailed to just past Point Pila in July, but didn't know what Potamas was like and whether there was anywhere to moor/take Galini onto the shore - but having been there it does look like an interesting place to sail to, so maybe should try this.

The total distance was approx 29 nautical miles. Although I would like a small outboard as 'auxiliary' I think my experience for a day on a motor boat has shown me why I like sailing boats! [Sorry Sheila] Hearing the cost of fuel only made this a doubly sure .

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