Saturday, 30 August 2008

30 August 2008 - Beautiful sail to Dhekelia

11.5 nautical miles

This was a really really cool [as in enjoyable, rather than cold] sail round the bay up to the British Army base at Dhekelia.

I was sailing with Adrian. Adrian is a Maori from New Zealand. He's a water lover - never been sailing before, but regularly goes out on a power boat fishing.

He also owns a kayak which is 2 foot longer than Galini and which he enjoys in the surf and 'builds up the upper body muscles' [so he says]. He described it as a closed hull kayak which you sit on top of rather than 'in' like the sort of kayak's we know. So sounds strange and interesting.

Adrian took loads and loads of photos on his camera, to show his kids where he had been [hence the pics of the bay at the top].

The track only shows the morning sail. We went back to the club for lunch and then went out sailing again after lunch.

The wind picked up a little after lunch, but the batteries went flat on the GPS so there is no track. Trying to get us both in the picture, while Adrian held the camera proved to be quite tricky.

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