Saturday, 13 June 2009

13 Jun 09 - a very different morning and afternoon

25 nautical miles

Kind of busy weekend. Tim couldn't do a whole day today, but could do the afternoon, so when I was round at Sheila's house yesterday evening I offered a morning to take her and her friend Peggy out sailing.

And that's how it happened. I let Shiela take the helm first and then got about to sort out the boat... which involved climbing out on the foredeck to sort out the roller reefing which was jammed.

Peggy and Marie started off as passengers. Marie asked to helm, but this is Peggy and Sheila's treat so we held her off for a while.

Since the wind was really calm and waves low I then passed the helm over to Peggy.

Now that was interesting. I have about 6 words of German and Peggy, who is German, has not many more words of English. So Sheila or Marie interpreted.

Then when we got back to the shore, we took out the kids in about 3 short trips. I really could do with some children's buoyancy aids!

Then at 1pm Tim and Mark showed up so we started a longer trip out around the bay and back pask Dhekelia. The wind picked up and it was great fun sailing. Really really enjoyable.

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A Contrarian's Way said...

Found your blog through Keith Green connection. I love your pictures and life out on the sea. Beautiful pictures of the Med. Jeremy Z.