Saturday, 6 June 2009

6 June 09 - Pila & Dhekalia

19 nautical miles

Originally I had been going to sail today with Tim, but having broken a rib sailing on SAGA III, he was still having pain and decided, quite rightly, that discretion is the better part of valour.

So late yesterday evening I SMSed to friends and then took their kids out. Here's Jacob again at the helm... happy as can be!

We sailed over to just past Pila 2 buoy, turned, hove to and had lunch. The water was really beautiful and sitting in the out there to eat lunch a real blessing.

Marie also took the helm some of the trip, but having turned and made for Dhekelia she developed a bit of a headache. Best thing for that was to get her head out of the sun so she rested on the leeward side of the boat with her head in the shade of the main sail.

How much was rest and how much was sleep was difficult to tell, but the net result was she felt better!

We passed close to Dhekelia Power Station. Closer than I think I have sailed before.

You cannot quite see the new power building they have constructed hidden by the main sail.

We then headed on towards Dhekelia Sailing Club, but all the boats were in - no bosuns to chase around like we sometimes do!

Turning back for Larnaca, the wind came up a bit as you can see from the graph below, from Bft 4 to nearly 5, with waves to match. This was much more exciting sailing back to the club.

Jacob wanted to splash through the waves, but Marie had a gentler hand on the helm and didn't splash so much. When we got back to close to the club we practiced tacking in higher waves which was a useful exercise.

All in all an very enjoyable sail and the start of the kataklismos weekend.

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