Friday, 19 June 2009

19 June 09 - Sailing Tim's trimaran

5 nautical miles
The track pretty much shows our route around one of the Petrolina tankers.

Strangely most times the tankers are not in the same place as the Google Earth image... but today it was spot on.
Tim and I were sailing his trimaran.

He had been hoping for stronger winds, but they were very light today. Just as we passed the tanker on the starboard side the wind drops even more so we head back to the club as we didn't have the motor with us.
This was my first time out on his trimaran.

Tim had said recently that it seemed in light airs the boat was sailing slower. Back at the club we tightened the forestay and the leading edge of the jib and then had a quick out and back to test and it seems to be significantly faster and more responsive.

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