Friday, 30 August 2013

Welding and first top coat on deck

Paul had welded a new handle to the launching trolley while I had been away a few months back. But in using it we had found that it wasn't strong enough when pushing the trolley over the pebble beach which is the hardstanding at the Nautical Club. So this morning he came down to strengthen it. He wanted as early as possible. I don't like early so we compromised on 7:30 AM. Now, though, it is really good and strong.

After that I put the first top coat on the deck. Sadly I was not as pleased with it as I had hoped to be. The paint colour was slightly thin and the grey undercoat was grinning through in many places. Hopefully, the second coat tomorrow will cover it well. Then there is just the white bilges to do and the hull is ready!

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